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We discovered that for high performance you need to go deeper, further into yourself. The key to high performance is knowing your mindsets and knowing how to use them both under normal conditions and especially under pressure. Most athletes, coaches and teams stop at a certain performance level because they are afraid to confront themselves: they play the finite game and stick to their current mindsets. We coach athletes, coaches and teams to play the infinite game. This is where our expertise starts and where we have a proven success record for the last 20 years. Are you ready to go the extra mile and perform at the highest level, both as an individual and as a team?

HIgh performance scan

The High Performance scan gives insight in where the athletes, coaches, teams and organization are on high performance. The High Performance scan is the leading measurement system to discover where you are , need to go and what you need to do. 

The scan will also tell you which change styles the players have and how change can happen. The scan indicates the behaviour and mindsets under pressure. With these insights a clear and successful strategy can be formed to become a high performer athlete, coach and organisation.

our Playbook to win



Where are we and where do we want to go? The baseline measurement with the High Performance scan give great insights for the players and the coaches andserves as a compass for the change process. 



Together we create a vision for high performance, set goals and targets, and formulate a roadmap for change. We include mindset development, creating performance under pressure, transformation skills and change capabilities.



We stimulate and confront to develop new mindsets, collaboration and high performance  behavior in GROW-case discussions, individual coaching and group training sessions.



When the new high performance mindset behaviour  is developed, we make sure it is fully integrated in the culture of the team and organisation. We search together for the next step in High Performance stay ahead of the competition.

Coaches using people change Scan

Adam Commens

Adam Commens, previous Australian hockey player that won the Champions Trophy, third at the Olympic Games in Sydney, and former national coach of the Belgian men’s hockey team is now back in Belgium as High-Performance Director of the Belgian Hockey Federation.He has been using the People Change Scan for the last 3 years with the coaches, staff, and players that I work with, both men and women.

Michel van den Heuvel

As a field hockey coach, Michel van den Heuvel holds six national titles in the most competitive team hockey competition of the world: in the Netherlands. Since several years he uses the People Change Scan in coaching his teams and he has achieved extraordinary results. First in his period with Oranje Zwart and now with Bloemendaal. He shares why he still makes extensive use of the People Change Scan to get to high performance.

Shane McLeod

Shane Mcleod, former New Zealand field hockey coach at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Won the silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics with the Belgium men’s national field hockey team. Best coach of the year in 2017 and 2018 . In 2019 they won the World Championship. Shane explains how he uses the People Change Scan insights to develop his players and team to perform and win at the highest level.

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We connect coaches and leaders in sports through our High Performance Development Program. This helps to support their mindset development and improve the performance plans they make for their people and programs.

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